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cosmology.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  t_cosmology


#define CMB_TEMP   2.725


realnum GetDensity (realnum z)
realnum GetHubbleFactor (realnum z)


t_cosmology cosmology

Macro Definition Documentation

#define CMB_TEMP   2.725

this is the current temperature of the cosmic background radiation
>>refer CMB temp Mather, J.C., Fixsen, D.J., Shafer, R.A., Mosier, C., &
>>refercon Wilkinson, D.T. 1999, ApJ, 512, 511

Definition at line 10 of file cosmology.h.

Referenced by IterRestart(), ParseBackgrd(), and ParseCMB().

Function Documentation

realnum GetDensity ( realnum  z)

GetDensity find the baryonic density at the given redshift


Definition at line 28 of file cosmology.cpp.

References DEBUG_ENTRY, density(), t_cosmology::f_He, fixit, t_cosmology::h, t_cosmology::omega_baryon, and pow3().

Referenced by ParseCMBOuter(), and zoneDensity().

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realnum GetHubbleFactor ( realnum  z)

GetHubbleFactor find the Hubble factor at the given redshift


Definition at line 10 of file cosmology.cpp.

References DEBUG_ENTRY, t_cosmology::H_0, t_cosmology::omega_k, t_cosmology::omega_lambda, t_cosmology::omega_matter, t_cosmology::omega_rad, POW2, POW3, and POW4.

Referenced by DynaIterEnd(), radius_next(), RT_line_escape(), RT_line_one_tauinc(), and RT_recom_effic().

Variable Documentation

t_cosmology cosmology