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dense.cpp File Reference
#include "cddefines.h"
#include "dense.h"
#include "abund.h"
#include "colden.h"
#include "conv.h"
#include "dynamics.h"
#include "elementnames.h"
#include "deuterium.h"
#include "hmi.h"
#include "phycon.h"
#include "radius.h"
#include "struc.h"
#include "thermal.h"
#include "trace.h"
#include "iso.h"
#include "h2.h"
#include "mole.h"
#include "save.h"
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void ScaleAllDensities (realnum factor)
void ScaleIonDensities (const long nelem, const realnum factor)
bool lgElemsConserved (void)
void lgStatesConserved (long nelem, long ionStage, qList states, long numStates, realnum err_tol, long loop_ion)
void SumDensities (void)
bool AbundChange ()
realnum scalingDensity (void)
realnum scalingZoneDensity (long i)

Function Documentation

bool AbundChange ( )
bool lgElemsConserved ( void  )
2 this assert is not passed if error made much smaller. This error should be related to a check on convergence of the molecular networks and their sum rules, with a criteria used here and there

Definition at line 119 of file dense.cpp.

References t_elementnames::chElementSym, conv, dense, deut, elementnames, findspecies(), fprintf(), t_deuterium::gas_phase, t_dense::gas_phase, t_conv::GasPhaseAbundErrorAllowed, ioQQQ, t_dense::lgElmtOn, mole_print_species_reactions(), nuclide_list, nzone, SMALLFLOAT, t_deuterium::xIonDense, t_dense::xIonDense, t_deuterium::xMolecules(), and t_dense::xMolecules().

Referenced by cloudy(), ConvBase(), ion_wrapper(), IterRestart(), mole_return_cached_species(), mole_solve(), PresTotCurrent(), and ScaleAllDensities().

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void lgStatesConserved ( long  nelem,
long  ionStage,
qList  states,
long  numStates,
realnum  err_tol,
long  loop_ion 
void ScaleAllDensities ( realnum  factor)
void ScaleIonDensities ( const long  nelem,
const realnum  factor 

Definition at line 90 of file dense.cpp.

References dense, deut, ipHYDROGEN, iso_renorm(), t_deuterium::lgElmtOn, NISO, ScaleDensitiesDeuterium(), and t_dense::xIonDense.

Referenced by AbundChange(), and ScaleAllDensities().

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realnum scalingDensity ( void  )
realnum scalingZoneDensity ( long  i)

Definition at line 416 of file dense.cpp.

References t_struc::DenMass, t_struc::hden, and struc.

Referenced by DynaNewStep(), and DynaSaveLast().

void SumDensities ( void  )
2 - should this include mass in grains?
2 - should this include mass in grain mantle ice deposits?

Definition at line 235 of file dense.cpp.

References ASSERT, t_dense::AtomicWeight, BIGFLOAT, dense, t_dense::eden, fprintf(), t_dense::gas_phase, ioQQQ, ipHYDROGEN, t_dense::lgElmtOn, LIMELM, t_dense::pden, total_molecules_gasphase(), TotalInsanity(), t_dense::wmole, t_dense::xIonDense, t_dense::xMassDensity, t_dense::xMassDensity0, and t_dense::xNucleiTotal.

Referenced by AbundancesSet(), PresTotCurrent(), and RT_tau_init().

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