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eden_sum.cpp File Reference
#include "cddefines.h"
#include "conv.h"
#include "trace.h"
#include "grainvar.h"
#include "rfield.h"
#include "mole.h"
#include "dense.h"
#include "iso.h"
#include "deuterium.h"
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int eden_sum (void)

Function Documentation

int eden_sum ( void  )

eden_sum sum free electron density over all species, sets variable erredn.EdenTrue called by ConvEdenIoniz which actually controls the electron density updates returns 0 if all is ok, 1 if need to abort calc

Definition at line 17 of file eden_sum.cpp.

References ASSERT, DEBUG_ENTRY, dense, deut, t_dense::eden, t_dense::eden_from_metals, t_dense::EdenExtra, t_dense::EdenFraction, t_dense::EdenSet, t_dense::EdenTrue, t_mole_local::elec, fnzone, fp_equal(), fprintf(), t_dense::gas_phase, gv, ioQQQ, TransitionProxy::ipCont(), ipH1s, ipH2p, ipH_LIKE, ipHYDROGEN, ipLITHIUM, iso_sp, t_trace::lgESOURCE, GrainVar::lgGrainElectrons, t_trace::lgNeBug, t_trace::lgTrace, LIMELM, t_mole_global::list, mole, mole_global, t_mole_global::num_calc, t_rfield::otslin, rfield, safe_div(), t_mole_local::species, GrainVar::TotalEden, trace, t_iso_sp::trans(), t_deuterium::xIonDense, and t_dense::xIonDense.

Referenced by ConvBase().

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