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helike.h File Reference
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#define printflag   (0)
#define TRANSPROBMAGIC   (60725)
#define COLLISMAGIC   (30915)
#define CASEBMAGIC   (130128)


void HeCollidSetup (void)
double helike_energy (long nelem, long ipLev)
double helike_quantum_defect (long nelem, long n, long lqn, long S, long j)
realnum helike_transprob (long nelem, long ipHi, long ipLo)
void AGN_He1_CS (FILE *ioPun)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define CASEBMAGIC   (130128)

the magic number for the table of He1 case B emissivities, YYMMDD

Definition at line 26 of file helike.h.

Referenced by GetStandardHeLines().

#define COLLISMAGIC   (30915)

the magic number for the table of He1 effective collision strengths, YYMMDD

Definition at line 24 of file helike.h.

Referenced by HeCollidSetup().

#define printflag   (0)
Set this flag to one of the following values
      0 don't print
      1 print As
      2 print only forbidden As
      3 print Es
      4 print threshold photoionization cross-sections
      5 print radiative recombination coefficients.     
      6   print photoionization cross-section grids. 

Out files are "Helike___.txt" with the blank being, respectively, "As","fAs","Es","ThPCS","RR", and "PCSgrid."

Definition at line 19 of file helike.h.

#define TRANSPROBMAGIC   (60725)

the magic number for the table of He-like transition probabilities, YYMMDD

Definition at line 22 of file helike.h.

Referenced by HelikeTransProbSetup().

Function Documentation

void AGN_He1_CS ( FILE *  ioPun)

AGN_He1_CS routine to save table needed for AGN3 - collision strengths of HeI


Definition at line 503 of file iso_solve.cpp.

References DEBUG_ENTRY, fprintf(), HeCSInterp(), ipELECTRON, ipHe2p3P0, ipHe2p3P1, ipHe2p3P2, ipHe2s3S, ipHe3d1D, ipHe3d3D, ipHe3p3P, ipHe3s3S, phycon, t_phycon::te, and TempChange().

Referenced by SaveDo().

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void HeCollidSetup ( void  )
double helike_energy ( long  nelem,
long  ipLev 

helike_energy get helike level energy in cm-1


Referenced by iso_create().

double helike_quantum_defect ( long  nelem,
long  n,
long  lqn,
long  S,
long  j 

helike_quantum_defect get quantum defect for helium-like level


Definition at line 245 of file helike_energy.cpp.

References ASSERT, DEBUG_ENTRY, EionRYD, EionWN, He1Energies, HE_RYD_FACTOR, ipHE_LIKE, ipHELIUM, ipHYDROGEN, iso_sp, LIMELM, NHE1LEVELS, pow(), t_iso_sp::QuantumNumbers2Index, S, and TotalInsanity().

Referenced by helike_energy(), helike_transprob(), and helike_transprob_collapsed_to_resolved().

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realnum helike_transprob ( long  nelem,
long  ipHi,
long  ipLo 

helike_transprob get transition probability for helium-like transition [s-1]


Definition at line 1283 of file helike_einsta.cpp.

References ASSERT, DEBUG_ENTRY, TransitionProxy::EnergyWN(), he_1trans(), helike_quantum_defect(), helike_transprob_collapsed_to_collapsed(), helike_transprob_collapsed_to_resolved(), ipHE_LIKE, IPRAD, iso_put_error(), iso_sp, J_, L_, N_, S_, and t_iso_sp::trans().

Referenced by iso_create().

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