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monitor_results.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  t_monitorresults


void ParseMonitorResults (Parser &)
void InitMonitorResults (void)
bool lgCheckMonitors (FILE *ioMONITORS)


bool lgMonitorsOK
bool lgBigBotch
bool lgPrtSciNot
t_monitorresults MonitorResults

Function Documentation

void InitMonitorResults ( void  )

must be called before rest, initializes assert variables

Definition at line 99 of file monitor_results.cpp.

References ErrorDefault, ErrorDefaultPerformance, lgInitDone, and nAsserts.

Referenced by ParseCommands().

bool lgCheckMonitors ( FILE *  ioMONITORS)


*ioMONITORSthis is unit we will write output to

Definition at line 1664 of file monitor_results.cpp.

References ASSERT, AssertError, AssertQuantity, AssertQuantity2, atmdat, GrainVar::bin, called, cap4(), caps(), t_atmdat::CaseBWlHeI, cdColm(), cdEXIT, cdH2_colden(), cdIonFrac(), cdLine(), cdLine_ip(), cdTemp(), chAssertLimit, chAssertLineLabel, chAssertType, chIonLbl(), t_hcmap::cmap, colden, t_colden::colden, conv, cpu, t_secondaries::csupra, t_thermal::ctot, DEBUG_ENTRY, dense, qStateConstProxy::DepartCoef(), t_radius::depth, t_radius::depth_x_fillfac, t_dense::eden, t_rfield::EnergyDiffCont, t_rfield::EnergyIncidCont, EXIT_FAILURE, ForcePass(), fp_equal(), fprintf(), get_error_ratio(), getLevelsGeneric(), gv, h2, hcmap, t_hcmap::hmap, hmi, t_hmi::hmidep, t_thermal::htot, t_cpu::i(), iLineType, Singleton< t_version >::Inst(), ioQQQ, ipCOL_HTOT, ipH_LIKE, ipHE_LIKE, ipHELIUM, ipHYDROGEN, ipLine, iso_sp, iteration, LEVEL_INACTIVE, molezone::levels, lgBigBotch, t_dense::lgElmtOn, lgMonitorsOK, t_cpu_i::lgMPI(), t_optimize::lgOptimize, t_prt::lgPrintTime, lgPrtSciNot, lgQuantityLog, t_version::lgRelease, t_version::lgReleaseBranch, t_called::lgTalk, t_LineSave::lines, lines_table(), LineSave, MAX2, MIN2, t_iso_sp::n_HighestResolved_max, NASSERTS, nAsserts, NCHLAB, t_hcmap::nmap, t_hcmap::nMapAlloc, t_LineSave::nsum, t_monitorresults::nSumErrorCaseMonitor, t_conv::nTotalIoniz, t_conv::nTotalIoniz_start, null_molezone, t_iso_sp::numLevels_local, nzone, optimize, diatomics::ortho_density, diatomics::para_density, POW2, powpq(), pressure, t_struc::pressure, prt, prt_line_err(), prt_wl(), PrtOneMonitor(), t_pressure::RadBetaMax, radius, t_radius::Radius, GrainVar::rate_h2_form_grains_used_total, rfield, SDIV(), secondaries, ShowMe(), t_LineSave::sig_figs, t_LineSave::sig_figs_max, qList::size(), t_iso_sp::st, qStateConstProxy::status(), strAssertSpecies, struc, t_monitorresults::SumErrorCaseMonitor, t_hcmap::temap, t_struc::testr, thermal, TotalInsanity(), wavelength, t_atmdat::WaveLengthCaseB, WavlenErrorGet(), wind, Wind::windv, t_LineSave::wl_length, and t_dense::xIonDense.

Referenced by cloudy(), and SaveDo().

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void ParseMonitorResults ( Parser )

Variable Documentation

bool lgBigBotch

Definition at line 38 of file monitor_results.cpp.

Referenced by cdInit(), cdMain(), lgCheckMonitors(), and PrtOneMonitor().

bool lgMonitorsOK

these flags are set in lgCheckMonitors

Definition at line 38 of file monitor_results.cpp.

Referenced by cdInit(), cdMain(), and lgCheckMonitors().

bool lgPrtSciNot

Definition at line 38 of file monitor_results.cpp.

Referenced by cdInit(), lgCheckMonitors(), ParseSet(), and PrtOneMonitor().

t_monitorresults MonitorResults

Definition at line 39 of file monitor_results.cpp.

Referenced by InitSimPostparse().