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optimize.h File Reference
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Data Structures

class  phymir_state< X, Y, NP, NSTR >
struct  t_optimize


typedef double chi2_type




bool lgOptimize_do (void)
void vary_input (bool *lgLimOK, int grid_index)
void optimize_subplex (long int n, double tol, long int maxnfe, long int mode, realnum scale[], realnum x[], realnum *fx, long int *nfe, realnum work[], long int iwork[], long int *iflag)
void optimize_phymir (realnum[], const realnum[], long, chi2_type *, realnum)
chi2_type optimize_func (const realnum param[], int grid_index=-1)


const realnum VRSNEW = realnum(4.00)
const chi2_type BIG_CHI2 = chi2_type(FLT_MAX)
const long LIMEXT = 5L
const long LIMPAR = 20L
char chOptimFileName [INPUT_LINE_LENGTH]
t_optimize optimize

Typedef Documentation

typedef double chi2_type

Definition at line 49 of file optimize.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation


Definition at line 65 of file optimize.h.

Function Documentation

bool lgOptimize_do ( void  )
chi2_type optimize_func ( const realnum  param[],
int  grid_index = -1 

optimize_func actual function called during evaluation of optimization run

Definition at line 19 of file optimize_func.cpp.

References ASSERT, BIG_CHI2, called, cap4(), cdColm(), cdEXIT, cdTemp(), cdWarnings(), t_input::chCardSav, t_optimize::chColDen_label, chi2_func(), t_optimize::chLineLabel, t_optimize::chOptRtn, t_optimize::chTempLab, t_optimize::chTempWeight, t_optimize::chVarFmt, cloudy(), t_optimize::ColDen_error, t_optimize::ColDen_Obs, t_optimize::ContEner, t_optimize::ContIndex, t_optimize::ContNFnu, t_optimize::ContNFnuErr, t_radius::Conv2PrtInten, DEBUG_ENTRY, t_radius::distance, EXIT_FAILURE, exp10(), t_LineSave::findline(), fprintf(), grid, input, Singleton< T >::Inst(), t_optimize::ion_ColDen, t_optimize::ionTemp, ioQQQ, t_LineSave::ipNormWavL, t_optimize::ipobs, t_optimize::lgDiamInCM, t_grid::lgGrid, t_optimize::lgOptDiam, t_optimize::lgOptimFlow, t_optimize::lgOptimize, t_optimize::lgOptLum, t_called::lgTalk, t_rfield::lgUSphON, t_LineSave::lines, LineSave, max(), min(), t_optimize::nEmergent, t_optimize::nOptimiz, t_optimize::nOptLum, t_optimize::nvarxt, t_optimize::nvary, t_optimize::nvfpnt, t_optimize::optDiam, t_optimize::optDiamErr, t_optimize::optier, optimize, t_optimize::optint, radius, t_radius::Radius, rfield, t_rfield::rstrom, t_optimize::SavGenericData, t_LineSave::ScaleNormLine, SMALLFLOAT, t_optimize::temp_error, t_optimize::temp_obs, t_optimize::varang, t_optimize::varmax, t_optimize::varmin, vary_input(), t_optimize::vparm, t_optimize::wavelength, t_optimize::xLineInt_error, t_optimize::xLineInt_Obs, and zero().

Referenced by evalf(), gridXspec(), lgOptimize_do(), and optimize_phymir().

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void optimize_phymir ( realnum  [],
const realnum  [],
long  ,
chi2_type ,

Referenced by lgOptimize_do().

void optimize_subplex ( long int  n,
double  tol,
long int  maxnfe,
long int  mode,
realnum  scale[],
realnum  x[],
realnum fx,
long int *  nfe,
realnum  work[],
long int  iwork[],
long int *  iflag 

optimize_subplex is the main driver, and only exposed, routine for the cowan downhill simplex routine


Definition at line 64 of file optimize_subplx.cpp.

References t_usubc::alpha, t_usubc::beta, t_usubc::bonus, cdcopy(), DEBUG_ENTRY, t_usubc::delta, evalf(), t_isubc::fbonus, fp_equal(), t_usubc::fstop, t_usubc::ftest, t_usubc::gamma, t_usubc::ifxsw, t_usubc::initx, t_isubc::IntNew, t_usubc::irepl, isubc, MAX2, t_usubc::minf, t_usubc::nfstop, t_usubc::nfxe, t_usubc::nsmax, t_usubc::nsmin, t_usubc::omega, partx(), POW2, t_usubc::psi, setstp(), t_isubc::sfstop, simplx(), sortd(), subopt(), and usubc.

Referenced by lgOptimize_do().

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void vary_input ( bool *  lgLimOK,
int  grid_index 

Variable Documentation

const chi2_type BIG_CHI2 = chi2_type(FLT_MAX)

Definition at line 51 of file optimize.h.

Referenced by chi2_func(), and optimize_func().

char chOptimFileName[INPUT_LINE_LENGTH]

file name for output, set in cddefines.c

Definition at line 7 of file optimize.cpp.

Referenced by grid_do(), InitCoreload(), lgOptimize_do(), and ParseOptimize().

const long LIMEXT = 5L

the limit to the number of numbers on the command line

Definition at line 60 of file optimize.h.

Referenced by ParseTable(), and ParseTLaw().

const long LIMPAR = 20L
t_optimize optimize
const realnum VRSNEW = realnum(4.00)

<I4> default to INTEGER*4

Definition at line 47 of file optimize.h.

Referenced by phymir_state< X, Y, NP, NSTR >::continue_from_state(), and phymir_state< X, Y, NP, NSTR >::p_clear1().