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prt_columns.cpp File Reference
#include "cddefines.h"
#include "cddrive.h"
#include "dense.h"
#include "elementnames.h"
#include "h2.h"
#include "taulines.h"
#include "molcol.h"
#include "generic_state.h"
#include "prt.h"
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void PrtColumns (FILE *ioMEAN)

Function Documentation

void PrtColumns ( FILE *  ioMEAN)

PrtColumns print column densities of all elements in standard output

ioMEANthis is stream used for io, is stdout when called by final, is save unit when save output generated

Definition at line 14 of file prt_columns.cpp.

References ASSERT, cdColm(), t_elementnames::chElementName, t_elementnames::chElementNameShort, column(), DEBUG_ENTRY, dense, elementnames, fprintf(), h2, diatomics::H2_Prt_column_density(), ipHYDROGEN, t_dense::lgElmtOn, LIMELM, matchGeneric(), MAX2, molcol(), NCHLAB, nWindLine, SDIV(), and TotalInsanity().

Referenced by PrtFinal().

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