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zero.cpp File Reference
#include "cddefines.h"
#include "init.h"
#include "iterations.h"
#include "grains.h"
#include "ionbal.h"
#include "atmdat_adfa.h"
#include "yield.h"
#include "secondaries.h"
#include "called.h"
#include "mole.h"
#include "thermal.h"
#include "trace.h"
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static void allocate ()
void zero (void)

Function Documentation

static void allocate ( )

Definition at line 28 of file zero.cpp.

References t_secondaries::alloc(), t_iterations::alloc(), t_ionbal::alloc(), t_mole_local::alloc(), ionbal, iterations, mole, and secondaries.

Referenced by zero().

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void zero ( void  )

zero actively zero out or initialize variables needed for model calculation this is the old one and should be removed - its vars moved into those above

Definition at line 43 of file zero.cpp.

References allocate(), called, DEBUG_ENTRY, fnzone, fprintf(), GrainZero(), Singleton< t_ADfA >::Inst(), Singleton< module_list >::Inst(), Singleton< t_yield >::Inst(), ioPrnErr, ioQQQ, lgAbort, lgPrnErr, t_called::lgTalk, t_called::lgTalkSave, lgTestCodeCalled, lgTestCodeEnabled, t_trace::lgTrace, module_list::m_l, nzone, PHFIT96, t_yield::reset_yield(), t_ADfA::set_version(), TempChange(), and trace.

Referenced by cdInit(), CoolSave(), hypho(), and optimize_func().

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