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#include "cddefines.h"
#include "physconst.h"
#include "lines_service.h"
#include "prt.h"
#include "taulines.h"
#include "opacity.h"
#include "lines.h"
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STATIC void initFindLevLine (void)
STATIC long ipFindLevLine (realnum, long, long)
STATIC void endFindLevLine (void)
void lines_setup (void)


static int * lev2set

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STATIC void endFindLevLine ( void   ) 

Definition at line 963 of file atmdat_lines_setup.cpp.

References cdEXIT, DEBUG_ENTRY, EXIT_FAILURE, ioQQQ, lev2set, nLevel1, and TauLines.

Referenced by lines_setup().

STATIC void initFindLevLine ( void   ) 

Definition at line 947 of file atmdat_lines_setup.cpp.

References DEBUG_ENTRY, lev2set, MALLOC, and nLevel1.

Referenced by lines_setup().

STATIC long ipFindLevLine ( realnum  wl,
long  ion,
long  nelem 

Definition at line 906 of file atmdat_lines_setup.cpp.

References ASSERT, DEBUG_ENTRY, ioQQQ, lev2set, LIMELM, max(), nLevel1, and TauLines.

Referenced by lines_setup().

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void lines_setup ( void   ) 

lines_setup convert level 1 and level 2 line parameters and pointers into internal form used by code

2 initialization already done at this point
1 streamline all of this, using transition::Zero and then setting dangerously large negative numbers.

Definition at line 19 of file atmdat_lines_setup.cpp.

References ASSERT, cdEXIT, chIonLbl(), DEBUG_ENTRY, TransitionList::Emis(), endFindLevLine(), EXIT_FAILURE, g, HFLines, initFindLevLine(), ioQQQ, ipAl09204, ipAl529, ipAl6366, ipAl6912, ipAl8370, ipAl8575, ipAlI3090, ipAlI3957, ipAr06453, ipC2_2324, ipC2_2325, ipC2_2327, ipC2_2328, ipC2_2329, ipc31175, ipCaI4228, ipCl04117, ipCl04203, ipCl1_11m, ipCl973, ipCo11527, ipCRD, ipFe1_111m, ipFe1_24m, ipFe1_35m, ipFe1_54m, ipFeI2966, ipFeI3021, ipFeI3457, ipFeI3729, ipFeI3884, ipFindLevLine(), ipfsCl214, ipfsCl233, ipfsMg755, ipfsMg790, ipfsNa373, ipfsNa421, ipfsNa490, ipKI7745, ipMgI2026, ipMgI2853, ipN3_1747, ipN3_1749, ipN3_1751, ipN3_1752, ipN3_1754, ipNi1_11m, ipNi1_7m, ipNI_pumpDirect, ipNI_pumpIndirect, ipO4_1397, ipO4_1400, ipO4_1401, ipO4_1405, ipO4_1407, ipP0233, ipP0260, ipP0318, ipP713, ipPRD, ipS1_25m, ipS1_56m, ipS4_1398, ipS4_1405, ipS4_1407, ipS4_1417, ipS4_1424, ipSc05231, ipSc13264, ipSi10143, ipSi10_606, ipSi1_130m, ipSi1_68m, ipSi2_2329, ipSi2_2334, ipSi2_2336, ipSi2_2344, ipSi2_2350, ipSi619, ipSii2215, ipSii2518, ipT1032, ipT1037, ipT1039, ipT1085, ipT1122, ipT1194, ipT1198, ipT1200, ipT1207, ipT1214, ipT122, ipT1239, ipT1243, ipT1256, ipT1260, ipT1304, ipT1305, ipT1335, ipT1394, ipT1403, ipT146, ipT1486, ipT150, ipT1527, ipT1548, ipT1550, ipT157, ipT1656, ipT1661, ipT1666, ipT1808, ipT1855, ipT1863, ipT1895, ipT1909, ipT191, ipT205, ipT209, ipT2140, ipT26, ipT2670, ipT270, ipT274, ipT2796, ipT280, ipT2804, ipT291, ipT304, ipT310, ipT312, ipT315, ipT324, ipT333, ipT370, ipT374g, ipT374x, ipT386, ipT3934, ipT3969, ipT4368, ipT4561, ipT52, ipT5577, ipT57, ipT58, ipT5895, ipT610, ipT63, ipT630, ipT6300, ipT6363, ipT639, ipT671, ipT705, ipT7291, ipT7324, ipT765, ipT770, ipT780, ipT786, ipT789, ipT834, ipT835, ipT8446, ipT8498, ipT8542, ipT8662, ipT8727, ipT88, ipT895, ipT977, ipT9830, ipT990, ipTAl48, ipTAl550, ipTAl568, ipTAr13, ipTAr22, ipTAr7, ipTAr8, ipTAr9, ipTCa3, ipTFe16, ipTFe26, ipTFe34, ipTFe35, ipTFe46, ipTFe56, ipTMg14, ipTMg4, ipTMg6, ipTMg610, ipTMg625, ipTNe13, ipTNe14, ipTNe16, ipTNe24, ipTNe36, ipTO1025, ipTO88, ipTOI11, ipTOI13, ipTOI29, ipTOI46, ipTr48, ipTS11, ipTS1720, ipTS19, ipTS34, ipTSi25, ipTSi3, ipTSi35, ipTSi4, ipTSi41, ipTSi499, ipTSi521, ipTSi65, ipTuv3, ipxK03462, ipxK04154, ipxK04598, ipxK07319, ipxMg08303, ipxMg51325, ipxMg52417, ipxMg52855, ipxMg71190, ipxMg72261, ipxMg72569, ipxNa0746, ipxNa6143, ipxNa6862, ipxNe0676, lgFirst, LIMELM, nHFLines, nLevel1, nUTA, nWindLine, opac, POW2, prt_wl(), RefIndex(), ShowMe(), TauLine2, TauLines, t_opac::taumin, TotalInsanity(), TRANS_PROB_CONST, and UTALines.

Referenced by atmdat_readin().

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int* lev2set [static]

Definition at line 903 of file atmdat_lines_setup.cpp.

Referenced by endFindLevLine(), initFindLevLine(), and ipFindLevLine().

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