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atoms.h File Reference
#include "container_classes.h"
#include "module.h"
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Data Structures

class  setCollRate
class  Atom_LevelN
struct  t_atoms


void atom_level2 (const TransitionProxy &t)
void atom_level2 (const TransitionProxy &t, const bool lgHFS)


const long LIMLEVELN = 20L
t_atoms atoms

Function Documentation

void atom_level2 ( const TransitionProxy t)

atom_level2 do level population and cooling for two level atom


Definition at line 237 of file atom_level2.cpp.

References atom_level2().

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void atom_level2 ( const TransitionProxy t,
const bool  lgHFS 

Variable Documentation

t_atoms atoms
const long LIMLEVELN = 20L

number of levels in PopLevels, DepLTELevels, vectors

Definition at line 114 of file atoms.h.