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#include "energy.h"
#include "h2_priv.h"
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Data Structures

struct  t_save


void SaveDo (const char *chTime)
void Save1Line (const TransitionProxy &t, FILE *io, realnum xLimit, long index, realnum DopplerWidth)
NORETURN void SaveLineData (FILE *io)
void save_opacity (FILE *io, long int np)
void SaveSpecial (FILE *io, const char *chTime)
void SaveSpecies (FILE *ioPUN, long int ipPun)
void Save1LineData (const TransitionProxy &t, FILE *io, bool lgCS_2, bool &lgPrint)
void save_line (FILE *ip, const char *chDo, bool lgEmergent)
void save_average (long int ipPun)
void save_colden (FILE *ioPUN)
void Save_Line_RT (FILE *ip)
void saveFITSfile (FILE *io, int option)
void SaveHeat (FILE *io)
void CoolSave (FILE *io, char chJob[])
void SaveGrid (FILE *pnunit, exit_type status)


static const long LIMPUN = 100L
static const long MAX_HEADER_SIZE = 20000L
static const long VERSION_TRNCON = 20100901L
t_save save

Function Documentation

void CoolSave ( FILE *  io,
char  chJob[] 
void Save1Line ( const TransitionProxy t,
FILE *  io,
realnum  xLimit,
long  index,
realnum  DopplerWidth 
void Save1LineData ( const TransitionProxy t,
FILE *  io,
bool  lgCS_2,
bool &  lgPrint 

Save1LineData data for save one line

lgCS_2 this flag says whether collision strength should be saveed - should be false for multi level atoms since sums are not done properly
lgPrint true print header line

1 define lifetime and collision rate for multi-level species so that the critical density is derived correctly in this routine. For now the flag lgCS_2 being true means to save critical den and is only true for two-level systems all places where this routine is called with lgCS_2 false need to be fixed

Definition at line 279 of file save_linedata.cpp.

References AnuUnit(), EmissionProxy::Aul(), t_save::chConPunEnr, chIonLbl(), CollisionProxy::col_str(), TransitionProxy::Coll(), COLL_CONST, EmissionProxy::damp(), DEBUG_ENTRY, TransitionProxy::Emis(), TransitionProxy::EnergyRyd(), g, EmissionProxy::gf(), TransitionProxy::Hi(), t_save::ipConPun, TransitionProxy::ipCont(), TransitionProxy::Lo(), phycon, PrintEfmt, prt_wl(), save, t_phycon::sqrte, and TransitionProxy::WLAng().

Referenced by FeIIPunData(), diatomics::H2_Punch_line_data(), and SaveLineData().

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void save_average ( long int  ipPun  ) 

save_average parse save average command, or actually do the save output

ipPun - array index for file for final save output

Definition at line 210 of file save_average.cpp.

References cdColm(), cdEXIT, cdIonFrac(), cdTemp(), t_save::chAverageSpeciesLabel, t_save::chAverageType, DEBUG_ENTRY, EXIT_FAILURE, ioQQQ, t_save::ipPnunit, t_save::nAverage2ndPar, t_save::nAverageIonList, t_save::nAverageList, save, and TotalInsanity().

Referenced by SaveDo().

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void save_colden ( FILE *  ioPUN  ) 

save_colden parse save column density command, or actually do the save lines output

ip the file we will write to

Definition at line 92 of file save_colden.cpp.

References cdColm(), chElement, colden, DEBUG_ENTRY, ionstage, ioQQQ, MAX2, nColdenEntered, and SMALLFLOAT.

Referenced by SaveDo().

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void save_line ( FILE *  ip,
const char *  chDo,
bool  lgEmergent 

save_line do the save output

ip the file we will write to
intrinsic or emergent emission

Definition at line 102 of file save_line.cpp.

References ASSERT, cdEmis(), cdEmis_ip(), cdEXIT, cdLine(), chPLab, DEBUG_ENTRY, t_radius::depth_mid_zone, EXIT_FAILURE, h2, ioQQQ, ipLine, lgAbort, diatomics::lgEnabled, lgRelativeIntensity, LineSave, MAX2, nLinesEntered, NPUNLM, t_LineSave::nsum, nzone, radius, SMALLFLOAT, and wavelength.

Referenced by SaveDo().

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void Save_Line_RT ( FILE *  ip  ) 
void save_opacity ( FILE *  io,
long int  np 
void SaveDo ( const char *  chTime  ) 

SaveDo produce save output during calculation

chTime chTime is null terminated 4 char string, either "MIDL" or "LAST"

Definition at line 573 of file save_do.cpp.

References abund, Wind::AccelCont, Wind::AccelGravity, Wind::AccelLine, Wind::AccelTotalOutward, AGN_He1_CS(), AGN_Hemis(), t_opac::albedo, t_rfield::anu, t_rfield::anu2, t_rfield::AnuOrg, AnuUnit(), ASSERT, EmissionProxy::Aul(), t_cpu_i::big_endian(), GrainVar::bin, BOLTZMANN, t_colden::C1Pops, t_colden::C2Pops, called, cdColm(), cdExecTime(), cdEXIT, cdLine(), t_tag_LineSv::chALab, ChargTranPun(), t_rfield::chContLabel, t_elementnames::chElementSym, t_save::chHashString, t_save::chHeader, CHIANTI_Upsilon(), t_species::chLabel, t_rfield::chLineLabel, t_save::chLineListLabel, t_save::chNONSENSE, t_save::chSave, t_save::chSaveArgs, t_Heavy::chShell, t_save::chSpeciesDominantRates, t_tag_LineSv::chSumTyp, t_colden::colden, colden, TransitionProxy::Coll(), colliders, CollisionProxy::ColUL(), t_rfield::comdn, t_rfield::comup, t_rfield::ConEmitLocal, t_rfield::ConEmitOut, t_rfield::ConEmitReflec, t_rfield::ConInterOut, t_rfield::ConRefIncid, t_rfield::ConSourceFcnLocal, continuum, conv, t_radius::Conv2PrtInten, t_dynamics::Cool(), CoolSave(), t_geometry::covgeo, cpu, t_secondaries::csupra, t_thermal::ctot, EmissionProxy::damp(), dBaseSpecies, dBaseTrans, t_thermal::dCooldT, DEBUG_ENTRY, molezone::den, dense, t_radius::depth, t_radius::depth_mid_zone, t_rfield::DiffuseLineEmission, DoppVel, t_radius::drad, t_radius::drad_x_fillfac, GrainVar::dstab, GrainVar::dstsc, Wind::dvdr, dynamics, DynaPunchTimeDep(), DynaSave(), t_dense::eden, t_dense::EdenHCorr, t_dense::EdenTrue, t_rfield::egamry, t_yield::elec_eject_frac(), elementnames, TransitionList::Emis(), TransitionProxy::Emis(), t_save::emisfreq, t_rfield::emm, EN1RYD, t_phycon::EnergyBinding, t_phycon::EnergyExcitation, t_phycon::EnergyIonization, TransitionProxy::EnergyRyd(), t_magnetic::EnthalpyDensity, t_phycon::EnthalpyDensity, EVRYD, EXIT_FAILURE, EXIT_SUCCESS, t_rfield::extin_mag_V_extended, t_rfield::extin_mag_V_point, t_iso_sp::fb, FeII, FeII_Cont, t_FeII::FeIIAul, t_FeII::FeIIColl, t_FeII::FeIINRGs, 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Referenced by BadStart(), and cloudy().

void saveFITSfile ( FILE *  io,
int  option 
void SaveGrid ( FILE *  pnunit,
exit_type  status 

SaveGrid implements the SAVE GRID command

pnunit : file descriptor to write to
status : exit status of the grid point

Definition at line 4841 of file save_do.cpp.

References t_cpu_i::chExitStatus(), t_optimize::chVarFmt, cpu, ES_SUCCESS, ES_WARNINGS, grid, t_cpu::i(), INPUT_LINE_LENGTH, t_grid::interpParameters, t_warnings::lgWarngs, t_grid::nintparm, t_optimize::nOptimiz, t_cpu_i::nRANK(), optimize, t_grid::seqNum, TorF(), and warnings.

Referenced by cdPrepareExit().

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void SaveHeat ( FILE *  io  ) 
NORETURN void SaveLineData ( FILE *  io  ) 
void SaveSpecial ( FILE *  io,
const char *  chTime 

SaveSpecial generate output for the save special command


Definition at line 14 of file save_special.cpp.

References Wind::AccelCont, t_rfield::anu, t_rfield::anu2, DEBUG_ENTRY, dense, t_dense::eden, EN1RYD, Wind::fmul, t_dense::gas_phase, TransitionProxy::ipCont(), ipH1s, ipH2p, ipH2s, ipH_LIKE, ipHYDROGEN, iso_sp, opac, t_opac::opacity_sct, pow(), PunFeII(), t_radius::Radius, radius, rfield, RYDLAM, t_iso_sp::st, t_iso_sp::trans(), t_iso_sp::TwoNu, t_rfield::widflx, wind, and t_dense::xMassDensity.

Referenced by SaveDo().

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void SaveSpecies ( FILE *  ioPUN,
long int  ipPun 

SaveSpecies generate output for the save species command

ioPUN io unit for save
ipPun arrayin save array

Definition at line 17 of file save_species.cpp.

References ASSERT, cdEXIT, t_save::chSaveArgs, t_save::chSaveSpecies, DEBUG_ENTRY, EXIT_FAILURE, findspecies(), findspecieslocal(), molecule::index, ioQQQ, t_save::ipConPun, molecule::label, molezone::levels, t_save::lgPunHeader, t_mole_global::list, MAX2, mole, mole_global, null_molezone, save, SaveSpeciesOne(), qList::size(), and t_mole_local::species.

Referenced by SaveDo().

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Variable Documentation

const long LIMPUN = 100L [static]
const long MAX_HEADER_SIZE = 20000L [static]

Definition at line 12 of file save.h.

Referenced by ParseSave(), and SaveDo().

const long VERSION_TRNCON = 20100901L [static]

magic version number for the transmitted continuum output file

Definition at line 15 of file save.h.

Referenced by ReadTable(), and SaveDo().

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