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Online Physics for Teachers
Hands-On Courses for Elementary and Middle School Teachers
  Teacher Comments
Learning about electricity
Comments from students and groups who have taken our courses:
  • After completing the Virtual Workshop, the Girlz said:
    The best part was the instructor's responses - fast and very helpful. We especially liked the freedom to set our own schedule, and the opportunities to work together and even argue about our different ideas. The inquiry activities really made us think. We want to start Temperature and Heat as soon as you have it ready.
    (They did, too!)
  • After completing the Virtual Workshop, one of the Kevins said:
    I've taken online classes before, but this one is better. It's really convenient to work off line and then just get online occasionally to send in our work - and we're learning much more content than we expected.
  • After completing the unit on Mirrors, the Pirates said:
    We felt these activities were easy to follow and easy to perform in the classroom.
  • After completing the unit on Curved Mirrors, one of the Light My Fire gang said:
    thanks for your explanations...this has really made me always raises more questions which i feel is a good thing.
  • After completing the Virtual Workshop on Light, one of the Anchors said:
    You guys really have a nice thing going - your directions/activities are well written for your audience, nice voice, which can be a hard thing to do with the subject. I hope it is as successful as you want it to be - what a wonderful resource for teachers -.
  • In their discussion of the unit on Spectra, one of the Centerview Connectors said:
    These activities are becoming a family project! During tv commercials tonight, I had my husband using the diffraction grating and looking at all kinds of spectra. He was impressed. I was out at 11:30 looking at the moon and the security light. These were awesome! The security light had points between each individual color, and the spectrum of the moon was so clear and distinct.
  • After making their model camera, the Zebras reported:
    Our camera makes images of plants, trees, and the school building outside our classroom window that are focused and in color. We were amazed that our camera works so well!
  • After finishing the unit on light beams, the Lost In Space group reported:
    The kit is fun. We feel that the kids will enjoy doing these activities that we have done so far.
  • After finishing the unit on thermal expansion, the Rocketgirls group reported:
    The activities in this section could easily be done in the classroom.
  • After finishing the unit on thermal equilibrium, the Sharks group complained:
    We are so excited doing the activity and getting our results that we forget about documentation.
  • A Pike County administrator commented:
    The distance learning model is a good one for rural counties like Pike. It can take a teacher an hour to get from home to school and never leave Pike County. Distance learning gives access to flexible quality education, and allows the teacher to work when it is convenient for them.
  • After working with the liquid crystals, the Sassy Girls reported:
    We had a good laugh, because everyone's fingertips would register a change in temperature on the sheets, except for Sandy's!!! Anyone else have that problem?????
  • While discussing convection and radiation, the one of the Red Hots said:
    I really like this kit. I am looking forward to using it in my classroom.
  • After completing the Virtual Workshop, one of the Newtons reported:
    She liked how quickly they received the responses to their discussions from the instructors. She felt the responses made them think further and improved their understanding of the concept.
  • After completing the Virtual Workshop, one group reported:
    She didn't like having to wait a few days for an email response from the instructor. She felt that the Instructors responses were not very helpful because he never told them whether or not they were on the right track.
  • After completing the Virtual Workshop, one group said:
    As professionals, we do not teach our own students using these methods, nor do we learn under them.
  • In their discussion of Thermal Conduction, one of the Stinging Hornets said,
    We have been having a ball and my husband just could not stand to see us so excited so he joined us. His comment was, "I wish science was taught this way when I was in school."
  • After completing the section on Electromagnetism, the JoyBWithU group said,
    We made a motor! That was awesome. Carol kept saying motors had magnets, but didn't know why or how they worked. Now we know and can even make one.
  • After completing the section on Irreversibility, the Hot Tamales reported,
    This section of the workshop created great entropy within our brains.
  • After doing the activity Colors #2 (observing lights outside at night through a diffraction grating), one of the JoyBWithU group said,
    This was beautiful and should be in schools!!!
  • After doing the section on batteries and capacitors, the Beauty Queens said,
    REALLY NEAT: We just wanted to comment how cool this lab was.
Joseph Straley
Joseph P. Straley
Department of Physics & Astronomy
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0055
(859) 257-3197