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Online Physics for Teachers
Hands-On Distance Learning Classes for Elementary and Middle School Teachers
  The Online Courses

Learn physics at your own site, on your own schedule

Hands on activities for Science teachers

What we offer: Science courses based on engaging activities that you can use in your own classroom, delivered in a online format. You work at your own site, and at your own pace. An equipment kit is provided.

Who it is for: Elementary and middle school teachers who want to learn more about physical science, either for course credit or professional development.

Mixing light of different colors
Light Course:

The light course consists of 9 units designed to encourage exploration of the various principles of light including shadows, the spectrum, prisms and mirrors. It's colorful! See more!

An electrical transformer
Electricity and Magnetism Course:

The electricity and magnetism course consists of 10 units with activities to investigate fluids, current, resistance and circuitry. It's electrifying! See more!

A warm hand makes a temperature pattern
Temperature and Heat Course:

The temperature and heat course consists of 10 units with hands-on activities to explore thermal expansion, liquid crystals, and thermal conduction. It's hot stuff! -- and pretty cool! See more!

A hammer delivers energy to a nail
Force, Motion, and Energy Course:

The force, motion, and energy course consists of 10 units with hands-on activities to explore force, acceleration, and aspects of energy. A moving experience! See more!

  • Syllabus This document explains the rules for the courses
  • Course description A copy of this website, in Word

  • What does this have to do with the No Child Left Behind Act and the National Curriculum Standards? Go here!

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