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Questions about light
Questions about temperature and heat
Questions about electricity and magnetism
Questions about other subjects

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Questions about light:
If a flashlight has low batteries, how far will its light beam travel?
Why is glass invisible when immersed in oil?
Can the edge of a shadow move faster than the speed of light?
Why don't extended sources of light make sharp shadows?
Amplifying light with mirrors
Shadows on the moon
Taking photographs through a window
Why do objects appear to get smaller as you move away from them?
Shapes of Long Shadows
Size of an airplane's shadow
I can't darken my classroom
Using flashlights as light sources
About large screen TVs
Why is the diffraction grating spectrum symmetrical?
Why isn't the sky blue on moonlit nights?"
Why does light cause colors to fade?
Questions about temperature and heat
Is blue light warmer than red light?
How can you measure the temperature of the sun?
Why don't white objects heat their surroundings?
How are thermal energy, temperature, and kinetic energy of molecules related?
What do liquid crystals do?
Questions about electricity and magnetism
What is the difference between a cell and a battery?
Thermal conductors and electrical conductors
What happens to the electrical current when the circuit is broken
Why 110 V?
Does hammering make magnets, or destroy them"
What is the importance of the e/m ratio?
The average value of the voltage in an AC circuit is zero. So how does anything happen at all?
Can a magnet float in mid-air, or make something else float?
Questions about other subjects
Why does a dome amplify sound?
What is the effect of the tube diameter on a siphon?
Can sound energy be converted to heat?

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